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Second annual Herberger Institute Day is a creative smorgasbord

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The energy at the second annual Herberger Institute Day was electric — so electric that after four solid hours of almost 100 creative workshops at Herberger Institute’s five schools and art museum, and after 650 faculty, students and staff from the institute joined each other for dinner and guided conversation on Forest Mall, a circle of people was still dancing.

And at the center of that circle, for one brief impromptu moment, was Herberger Institute Dean Steven J. Tepper, popping in his signature bow tie

The break-dancing dean was not the only difference at this year’s Herberger Institute Day: The number of people signed up for workshops almost doubled from 2017, with 2,333 registrations. And this year there were two film screenings after the communal dinner, including “The Shape of Water,” presented by ASU Film Spark at the Marston Exploration Theatre, which also featured a live talk-back with the movie’s “amphibian” star, Doug Jones.

“We are a creative city at the institute — 6,000 artists, designers, scholars — working, teaching and learning together,” Tepper said when the day was done. “You could feel the energy of that bustling city on Herberger Institute Day.”

Numbers: 93 workshops, 2333 participants, and 650 person community meal

“A lot of times people just stay in their buildings and people work within their little ecosystem that’s going on there. It’s nice to get out of that bubble and collaborate and speak with others and kind of bridge that gap.”

Sofia Alvarez, graduate student, theatre design and production

student painting on another student's arm
student helps her daughter roll a slab of clay
student strikes a pose during dance event
students take their first lesson in violin
student holding a small 'tensegrity structure' that they created
large group of students, sitting in a circle, learning hand-embroidery